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House for sale in Chervenka

Construction company IZZIDA EOOD Burgas sells a family house in Chervenka Chernomorets and the beach of Gradina.

The house is 5 minutes from the beach. Near Gradina camping site. The house has a barbecue area and a garage. The house has 3 bedrooms, a large terrace with panoramic views over the bay of the Gradina.

Chernomorets is 24 km south of Bourgas and 8 km. north of Sozopol. At this point, the coastline is bordered by several picturesque islands, forming four bays.

On the shores of the most beautiful of these bays is Chernomorets. In the immediate vicinity are the beaches of Vromos and the camping site Gradina. Chernomorets attracts surfers, kite surfers and other lovers of outdoor water sports, as well as photographers and camping enthusiasts. At the same time, the city itself is small, quiet and peaceful.


For hiking enthusiasts there is the area of  Bakarlaka, which is 20 minutes drive from Chernomorets. Visitors to Bakarlaka will find an amazing view – the north reaches the Cape Emine, and in the south – Arcoutino. For the lovers of history, the Early Byzantine fortress wall of Cape Acra, which is located near the bay of Vromos, is suitable.


Chervenka is a villa zone 3 km south of Chernomorets. It is located 27 km from Burgas in the direction of Sozopol. There are 10 streets, beautiful houses and wonderful beach rocks.

The beach of Chervenka is part of a large beach stretch south of Chernomorets and reaching Sozopol. It covers some of the most beautiful and preferred beaches on the southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria – Gradina camps and Zlatna ribka. The beach is spacious and the sea water is shallow and almost warm throughout the season.

The sand is fine and golden, with many rocks at the northern end of the beach, where people swim with snorkeling. The disadvantage is that close to the beach there are many construction sites, there are no good roads, yet many people visit the place. There are eating establishments.

Chervenka Cape is a protected area of ​​the nature landmark category.


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