About Us

Past & Present

“Izzida” Ltd. was established with much enthusiasm as a sole proprietor company under the name “Iridon” in 1990 with main scope of activity construction finishing and repair works. The company developed well thanks to the team of manager and specialists with high professional qualities and experience, which won trust and respect. Also the support of our clients, partners and friends has contributed substantially to our rapid development.

Expanding its activity, a few years later the company was transformed into a limited liability company “Iridon” Ltd. and included in its operations investments, designing and construction of new buildings, and purchase-sale of real estates.

In 2004 the company was renamed in “Izzida” Ltd. For 16 years already the company is investing in and executing projects related to designing, development, repair works, finishing works, furnishing, purchase and sale of real estates.

The projects completed by us meet the European standards and we are proud to have attracted clients and investors from the UK, Denmark, Spain, Russia. At present for instance, we participate in the construction of a large resort complex in the town of Sveti Vlas on the seacoast, owned by an investor from the United Kingdom.

The road we walked during this 16 years to establish ourselves in the branch was long and difficult. At the same time, this gives us the strength to face the new challenges of projects larger in scale, because we are ready to meet the new realities as member of the European Union.

It is a pleasure for us to take you for a walk in the world of “Izzida” Ltd.